Calgary Dental Botox

Calgary Dental Botox

Calgary Dental Botox: Amazing Benefits Of Botox

Over the years, Botox has gained popularity because of its cosmetic benefits. However, many people are still unaware of the benefits of dental botox treatments while some are skeptical about having a dentist administer a Botox therapy. It is important to note that dentists are experts in facial muscles and structures. Their knowledge and experience help them to achieve a natural looking result without unnecessary complications. Calgary dental Botox experts are often professional dentist who has been trained in the intricacies of the teeth, jaw and facial muscles. They offer Botox treatments that provide relief for some disorders. Here are some of the advantages of Calgary dental botox treatments.

1. Convenience

Most people visit their dentist at least once every six months for tooth examination and cleaning. If your dentist is a dental botox expert, you will enjoy the convenience of having a professional who knows your unique facial bone structure perform both your Botox treatment and your regular dental routine. When the right facial muscles are treated, puckered chins, lip lines, and a gummy smile can be properly corrected. Whitening your teeth and reducing your wrinkles in a single visit to your dentist saves you time and minimizes stress.

2. TMJ Disorder Relief

Calgary dental botox treatment is great for relieving the symptoms of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) as well as associated jaw tension and pain. Excessive teeth grinding and other daily actions like talking, swallowing and eating can put a strain on the joint where the jawbone meets the skull. These problems can result in lockjaw, tension and sharp pains in the jaw and even headaches. Botox injections can help eliminate the headaches and relieve the tension by relaxing the muscles and making it unable to engage in active movements that cause discomfort.

3. Enhance a Gummy Smile

There are many reasons why some people do not feel confident about their smile. When the upper lip of an individual pulls back more than it should, chances are too much gum will be seen when smiling. Calgary Dental Botox can help to relax the upper lip, giving you a more beautiful smile. Botox eliminates the need for more expensive surgeries that are used to correct a gummy smile by relaxing a hyperactive upper lip. This makes Botox a cost-effective solution.

Besides improving your smile, botox offers proven results for clinical use in dentistry. Botox injections can help you adjust to orthodontic appliances or dentures by allowing you to retrain your facial muscles. Whether you are considering Botox to correct your smile after a cosmetic procedure or for functional benefits, make sure you use a qualified dentist. They have sufficient understanding of the complexities of muscles and facial nerves. If the procedure is properly done, you will experience a noticeable difference within a few hours after the initial treatment.

Calgary dental Botox experts have everything it takes to create the precise and balanced appearance. Although the procedure is considered safe, it is still advisable to discuss all possible risks with your dentist before opting for dental botox.

Calgary Dental Botox

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