NW Calgary Massage Therapy

NW Calgary Massage Therapy

Are you seeking massage therapy to alleviate sore muscles or bothersome aches?

Our Calgary Massage Therapy team practices several styles of massage therapy aimed to bring you the most relief possible. Our licensed massage therapists focus on specifically what your needs are and from there, they determine the best style of massage to use. We offer therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, and prenatal massage for expecting mothers!

What is therapeutic massage?

Therapeutic massage is a term used to describe a wide-range of techniques used in order to decrease muscle tension, improve blood flow to sore areas, and provide relaxation. It differs from deep tissue massage as it focuses pressure on more superficial (closer to the skin) muscles rather than the deepest muscles of the body.

Therapeutic massage is meant to be exactly that- therapeutic. You shouldn't be as sore after as you would be with deep tissue massage, but you'll definitely notice a difference in how your muscles feel. Also, it's still really important that you stay hydrated both before and after massage, as hydration helps the continued healing processes of the body.

When you're looking for a Calgary massage therapy clinic you've probably got specific goals in mind about what you want massage to do for you. Maybe you're just looking to relax, or maybe you have a specific injury you need healed. Either way, our team is experienced in several types of massage that can be catered to your goals.

Some examples of what therapeutic massage is good for include:

    Sports injuries Arthritis Chronic back pain from sitting posture Persistent muscle spasm Migraines and headaches Reduced anxiety Improved energy Decreased fatigue

How does therapeutic massage work?

Therapeutic massage is one of many holistic health offerings at our calgary massage therapy clinic, Northern Hills Chiropractic. By providing various strokes, pressure, and movements to the skin and muscles, massage works to increase circulation, break up rigid muscle tissue, and decrease inflammation. Overall, therapeutic massage re-teaches the muscles new patterns to lay in.

You know how you have typical patterns of standing or sitting throughout the day? Therapeutic massage provides opposing pressures to the muscles to return them to a more natural state. This has a profound effect on the rest of your body - and the rest of your life!

We're never surprised to hear a client of our Calgary massage therapy clinic say that they have been sleeping better since getting regular massage, even when they were coming to treat low back pain without a goal to improve sleep.

How do I know if massage is right for me?

Are you just feeling off? Painful? Sore? Massage is a great place to start given that it is very low risk, low cost compared to other medical interventions. We also offer chiropractic, acupuncture, and exercise therapy so we'll be able to craft a plan specific to your needs and goals. Or just come in one time and see how you like it!

NW Calgary Massage Therapy
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NW Calgary Massage Therapy
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