SE Calgary Family Dentist

SE Calgary Family Dentist

The most dangerous aspect about dental health is that, as it deteriorates, it will attract other health issues along the way, some of which can prove deadly. And that wouldn't be too bad in and of itself if it wasn't for the deceptive nature of the conditions. At Millennium Dental, we know that the main reason why people ignore their dental issues is that they don't realize the magnitude of the situation.

Any SE Calgary family dentist knows that the real problems are those that are unseen. Bacterial accumulation is the number one underlying factor, laying at the foundation of all subsequent dental affections. Oral bacteria are the reason why cavities are formed, as these microorganisms consume the sugars we ingest and produce acid instead. This corrosive substance will attack the tooth's protective layer (enamel), will dig into the dentine and will eventually affect the tooth's pulp.

At this stage, inflammation, pain and gum redness and bleeding are standard, with the patient requiring urgent dental assistance. Oral bacteria are also responsible for plaque formation - a sticky substance that binds to the teeth and which can only be removed by a dental professional.

All the individual can do is to prevent these problems, and not even that is too effective in the long run. Despite having healthy oral hygiene, other factors may influence your dental health, including your diet, whether you take any medication or genetic predisposition. And once problems begin to set in, there is little you can do on your own.

Why you need a word with your dentist now

Seeing an expert SE Calgary family dentist at least once every six months will benefit you in two ways: prevent and treat oral problems, and help you maintain a beautiful smile. If everyone agrees with the importance of the first part, not everybody realizes how crucial the latter is as well.

Studies have shown that over 95% of the adults believe a clean, white smile will make the person look more attractive and healthier. At the same time, 75% of the people think the same factor will define the individual's success in building a career. And it's not just the looks that matter. Halitosis will also count for a significant part of the individual's downfall at work or in society in general.

We tend to value people with healthy teeth in the same way we do taller, fitter individuals over the shorter, out-of-shape ones. It is a biological bias that has traveled with us since the dawn of time, just as men's preference for women with larger hips and women's preference for men with humor, among other aspects.

So, visit your SE Calgary family dentist, make an appointment and take care of your dental health starting now! At Millennium Dental, we combine years of experience, some of the best talents in the business and a profound passion for the job and the people. We believe health and success start with a beautiful smile and we have become experts at creating them. Come and see for yourself!

SE Calgary Family Dentist
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SE Calgary Family Dentist
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