White Oak Family Dental offers Endodontics which include treatments involving the inner tissues of the teeth, otherwise known as the pulp or nerve. The White Oak Dental team is trained on how to identify and diagnose these endodontic issues and are here to help you keep your smile healthy.  Endodontic procedures are usually performed to clean out infection and save the tooth, helping you to maintain your smile.

Did you know…

A root canal is the most common endodontic procedure and is typically done to save a tooth that would otherwise need to be removed. Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp, which is the core layer of the tooth, or the canals holding the pulp becomes inflamed or infected. Infection is mostly caused by deep cavities, fractures or cracks, repeated dental treatments or injuries.

If untreated, inflammation or infection could cause severe discomfort, abscess and eventual tooth loss. The symptoms, although different for each individual, include tooth sensitivity, recurrent throbbing pain, tooth discoloration, gum swelling or tenderness deep inside the bone. The symptoms are not always apparent, and an x-ray scan may be required for diagnosis. Root canals are performed to save the tooth, clear infection and alleviate pain.

Next steps…

If your pulp or root canal is infected, endodontic procedures are the best way to save your tooth from extraction. White Oak Family Dental is here to help you determine the best treatment for your oral health.  Contact Dr. Menon if you start noticing symptoms of an infection. Early treatment increases the chances of success with endodontics.

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